"I strive to perform the most effective breast surgery in the finest aesthetic way. I take the time to thoroughly explain each diagnosis and utilize treatment options based on the medical innovations and breakthroughs of twenty-first century breast care."


The Chevy Chase Breast Center is an independent, state-of-the-art breast center committed to the highest quality of breast care tailored to each woman’s specific needs. What sets us apart is not only our experience, but our personalized and collaborative approach to comprehensive care in a private, reassuring setting. Patients come from all over the world to receive exceptional care with us.

Our Services

We provide a full spectrum of care beginning with the evaluation of benign breast problems through breast cancer risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and monitoring of breast cancer survivors. Breast surgery is central to what we do with an emphasis on performing the most effective surgery while attaining the best possible cosmetic outcomes. Breast ultrasound is fully integrated with breast surgery by the same doctor to improve accuracy and patient comfort. Our facility is fully accredited and meticulously maintained, with a calm, private ambience where the focus is on you.

Our Connections

We collaborate closely with the best doctors, hospitals and breast imaging facilities to offer you the greatest choice in all aspects of your care. We are not limited to one institution, so each specialist and service can be individually selected based on what is best and most convenient for you. This flexibility and our emphasis on communication results in fully integrated multidisciplinary care.

At the Chevy Chase Breast Center we know you are a wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend, not just a patient. Our greatest professional joy is seeing successfully treated women return year after year and share the special times of their lives with us.

Chevy Chase Breast Center: Personalized, Informative, Private, Collaborative, Experienced, Patient-Centered Breast Health Care and Surgery.