"I strive to perform the most effective breast surgery in the finest aesthetic way. I take the time to thoroughly explain each diagnosis and utilize treatment options based on the medical innovations and breakthroughs of twenty-first century breast care."


Comprehensive Consultations

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or you have a breast problem such as a breast lump, nipple discharge, breast pain, or cysts, you can schedule a consultation with us. We also schedule consultations for women with an abnormal mammogram, breast ultrasound or breast MRI, as well as women who have been recommended to have a breast biopsy, or who have had an inconclusive breast biopsy. We see women who are concerned about their risk for breast cancer. We evaluate and treat women with breast infections, such as mastitis or breast abscesses.

At the Chevy Chase Breast Center, our approach to breast health is comprehensive: Our consultations include a detailed medical history, thorough clinical breast examination, personal review of all breast imaging studies, and utilization of breast ultrasound and sophisticated medical computer programs. The details of your medical history, breast cancer risk factors, and clinical breast examination will be correlated with breast imaging findings when planning your care.

Dr. Pennanen will sit down with you in the privacy of her office, and take the time to explain in a clear organized way the nature of the problem as well as the rationale, alternatives, benefits and potential side effects of her recommendations. She will address relevant medical, surgical, psychosocial, ancillary, and complementary therapies. She will answer all your questions and communicate with your referring doctor as well as any specialists.