"I strive to perform the most effective breast surgery in the finest aesthetic way. I take the time to thoroughly explain each diagnosis and utilize treatment options based on the medical innovations and breakthroughs of twenty-first century breast care."



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“Dr. Pennanen is wonderful. She came highly recommended by someone very involved in the area of breast cancer care, and I am so grateful she was recommended to me. Dr. Pennanen is experienced, bright, caring, listens very thoughtfully, and she is an extremely skilled surgeon. My incision is completely invisible. Dr. Pennanen communicates thoroughly with your other physicians to ensure the best possible outcome for you. The office staff is very warm, kind, and intelligent as well. My experience with Dr. Pennanen was A, and I recommend her with great confidence.”


“Dr. Pennanen diagnosed my breast cancer and treated me in the most kind, considerate fashion, spending much extra time to answer my many questions (even when they had already been answered.) the level of personal service she gave me and her attention to detail is unparalleled in my prior experience in the
medical profession. Her surgery skills are excellent and she took all the precautions necessary to keep breast cancer from coming back. I highly recommend working with her as a patient to get both an incredibly skilled surgeon, but also a caring and considerate doctor who is committed to patient needs. She’s


“I have been going to Marie Pennanen for almost nine years and I can only say that she has been extremely professional and knowledgeable but also kind and caring. If you want to go to the best breast surgeon in the area make an appointment with Dr. Pennanen.”


“Dr Pennanen and her team were consistently incredibly capable and remarkably kind, so that at every stage the physical and emotional challenges were much less than I had expected. They are a remarkable group and I can’t imagine a better center to go to for breast surgery.”


“When a surgical biopsy was recommended after a mammogram, my OBGYN recommended Dr. Pennanen. After the biopsy and diagnosis of breast cancer, I received excellent care and guidance from Dr. Pennanen and her staff. I always felt I was getting the best medical care available.”


“Marvelous doctor. Very capable and she has a very comfortable personality. The best in every way.”


“Dr. Pennanen performed a surgical breast biopsy on me. The surgical site is almost impossible to find and it was done 7 months ago! She educated me very well on my condition and has been great about following up on my care. I highly recommend her.”


“Thoughtful, detailed, informative, and helpful. I could not be more appreciative of the good care, follow-up care, and kindness I experienced. A practice which makes the patient feel cared for.”


“Dr. Pennanen was thorough in explaining my diagnosis and treatment options, and was willing to answer all questions. I made a quick recovery. Her staff was very warm and responsive.”